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Minor League Hockey Brawl – 8year old kids hockey fight – FULL VIDEO!

The amateur video taken during the Niagara Thunder and Duffield Devils -Novice AAA (8year olds) – hockey brawl was released today.

The Duffield Devils had just beaten the Niagara Falls Thunder by a score of 8-to-1 on Nov. 23 when a scuffle broke out among the eight year old players.

The video shows that the initial scrum was escalated to a full-blown, bench clearing brawl by the actions of the coaching staffs of both teams – One coach actually opens the bench door to allow more kids to join in the melee…

This shocking display by 8 year old children and grown adults that unbelievably led to having the police be called in to break it up will probably reopen the debate of whether fighting has any place left in the ‘new NHL’.

The commisioner (Gary Bettman) will have to start dodging a barrage of new questions on this matter… with one argument against fighting that was never there before.

Children are now doing it!

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