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MUSICOVERY – A new way to discover and listen to music

very once in a while, the developers on the web, get it right.

They create or build upon an existing technology and deliver to the public an idea that really fits.

MUSICOVERY is one of those ideas.

Imagine a radio station that you can program to not only play the music that you want to hear (genre, style, era) but also at the tempo that fits your present mood.

Wether you want to dance the night away, clean up the house or just sit back and relax for a while, MUSICOVERY fits all those requirements.

Select the decade (50’s to modern), select the style (Rap to Classical to everything else in between) and then depending on how you feel or even more importantly how you wish to be feeling you can adjust the tempo (Energetic, Dark, Positive or Calm) to create your own musical oasis.

Sounds pretty cool, eh?

The added wonder of  MUSICOVERY is the endless amount of music that you’ll be discovering through this completey interactive and personal process…

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, and maintaining a love for music even till today, I thought that I had a pretty good knowledge of music or at least a pretty good knowledge of the music that I liked.

Boy, was I wrong…

In just a half hour, I discovered tunes and artists that I had never heard of and instantly fell in love with.

Granted, MUSICOVERY has some corporate tie-ins with the music labels that offer up the tunes and to the online retailers (Amazon, ITunes, E-Bay) that help you purchase the CD that the song appears on (hence the little icons underneath the music file) but the truth is, the ads are totally unobtrusive and the database of music seems pretty deep.

Deep, Dark, Positive, Calm and Energetic.