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CUTV Montreal

A strange phenomenon occurs when local mainstream media outlets underestimate the importance of a local news story which then leads to local community media outlets (like what you’d find on University campuses) to become the goto source for that aforementioned, ‘underestimated’ story…

… and it gets even weirder when that same mainstream media outlets then begin to cover the local community media’s coverage of the story that originally they (the mainstream media) didn’t even deem ‘important enough’ to cover.

Phew… that took all I could muster without exploding in an Orwelian chuckle.

This is pretty much what has happened in Montreal these last few weeks with regards to the ‘Students Protests’ and how the local media has been trumped on all counts by an understaffed, under-budgeted, fearless, web-savvy group of student journalists eager to film and digitally share this ongoing story.

CUTV Montreal, established in 1969  and staffed mostly of university student volunteers is the community TV station of Concordia University has gotten a lot of press these last few weeks and most of it is fully warranted but odd in nature. Basically media covering other media is rather comical in practise if not dangerously undemocratic in nature.

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