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TO SUMMON ANGELS the metaphysical

In this compilation, Michaela attempts to merge feelings and hopes with spirituality of the ages. Inspired by ancient esoteric knowledge, she highlights various aspects in our spiritual reality, inspiring us to believe and reach a higher consciousness.

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Cosmic significance,
through the power of the elements,
contained within,
each man allowing accordingly.

Before his own eyes,
through nature, wonders unfold
gifts from within, materialize.

Inherent are the steps,
From one single point

Through the elements
interpreting on earth,
creation in the course of the living,
new steps advance in the world of action.


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Coals of fire and air
alternating between
within and without
realizations and not.

Affirmation within a sphere,
heeding, as he steps,
believing in a source
from within.

For time is allotted still,
remembering limits,
yet transcending, above,
for the higher realm exists too.

Between coals and air,
not and existence,
loss transformed,
by quite tranquility.

All returns,
reservation appeased
for the way
is part of himself.

Contributing from self,
the elements primal,
perceived from own ,
well of living water sustaining.

Storms passing,
within the shelter
of established

The summoning,
inherent in each source,
steps affirming,
simple are the steps, building.

Strength is a step
spirit from within,
soul glorious.

One moment relived
relieved by another,
valid offerings,


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Through the quality of the elements
diffusing light
from a prism dense.

Unto a myriad of centers
energy returns,
each reality emulating for itself,
yet ahead each remains.

New responses as gems shinning bright,
unknown infinite source
allowing elements
of a truth renowned.

Inner lights,
affirming, individual attributes,
as each experience
tell an infinite tale.

For each soul,
his own,
destiny believing in,

belonging none can own,
but sojourning man remains
within the realm.

Awaiting for a moment right,
to relate of inner worlds,

Meaningful correlations;
In Between
Arbitrary quality
Shared between many worlds.

Of brave attempts,
Relating between,

Invested in all worlds,
and change retells,
of all
reclaiming their own.

Genuine, recall;
of common;
of interest, event coincide. by natural consequence.

Sequence of events,
timing, of mutual endeavours
freeing and liberating.

System of personal value,
corresponding according to need;
fleeting together
from unresolved outcomes.

Order creating
among a chaotic flux
and meaningful correlations
emerge from within.

between action and response,
searching for mutuality of interest,

of body and will,
by small steps
still remembering meaning.

Containing within,
eventual outcome
a step ahead
reading effect, presiding.

Biding and uniting
With their own.

Responses real,
transforming from a point in time,
searching For a return, and uniting
doubt raising from dust.