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You’re GONE! RIP Ted Tevan (1933- 2011)

The gravily-voiced, Montreal radio sports show host has executed his last annoying caller… Ted Tevan has passed away at the age of 78.
Being a teenager and huge sports fan in the 80’s in Montreal meant that Ted Tevan’s late night show would be a destination that I would often revisit.

His shows were often brash, emotional, unexpectedly musical, and very, very entertaining. Ted’s schtick of playing an audio recording of machine-gun fire while yelling, ‘You’re Gone!‘ to annoying callers became legendary.

A pioneer in Montreal talk radio, Ted Tevan has inspired many young radio voices including, Mitch Garber, Elliot Price, Tony Marinaro and others…
Mitch Melnick, from the Team 990 proudly mentions Ted Tevan as one of his biggest inspirations and industry mentors…

Audio Clips:

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Mitch Melnick’s Tribute to Ted Tevan (Aug, 16, 2011):

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TED TEVAN’s FUNERAL (Aug, 17, 2011):

Earl “The Pearl’ Zukerman’s eulogy:

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Mitch Gerber’s eulogy:

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Audio Clip of Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette reminsicing about Ted Tevan on the Randy Tieman show: (Aug, 15, 2011)

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Some videos featuring or in tribute to Ted Tevan:

 Video of Ted Tevan circa 2004: (short video clip of Ted in the studio circa 2004)

 [symple_youtube id=”3dDB2UdkDsA”]
 Audio Clip of Ted Tevan at his best: (unfortunate caller feels the wrath of Tevan’s ire – Classic Ted!)( “…show me a rose… or show me a storm at sea… show me a rose or leave me alone… YOU”RE GONE!!…”)
 [symple_youtube id=”59Fb6YVcw5o”]

Ted Tevan’s Classic Signoff: ( Ted would often close his shows with Shirley Temples’s  rendition of “Good Night My Love”)

[symple_youtube id=”tQe7SGr-V9A”]

Highlights from Ted’s Career – (source: www.anglefire.com/pq/cntigers/tedtevan.html)

  • Ted has hosted more than 8000 sports call-in shows in over 30 years in Montreal, except for a brief 2 year stint in Windsor, Ontario in the early 1990’s.
  • Ted began his sports call-in show called Sports Rap on Montreal’s CFOX in 1972. Since then he has jumped all over the airwaves with his Sports Rap show in his more than 30 years on the air in Montreal including CFOX, CFCF, CJAD, CFQR, CIQC, CKO and CFMB.
  • Ted had a brief stint on a non-sports call-in show on CJAD in the 1980’s. He hosted the nine to noon spot on CJAD for 8 months before Melanie King took over as host.
  • In the mid 1970’s, Ted organized a ballgame between prisoners from the Leclerc Penitentiary and a local junior Montreal team at Jarry Park in Montreal. The game was sanctioned by then Solicitor General Warren Almond and Expos GM Jim Fanning. The event was a huge success and made the headlines in most Canadian newspapers.
  • When Montreal acquired a major league baseball team in 1968, it was Ted Tevan who created the French language Expos Baseball radio network.
  • In 1995 and 1996, Ted Tevan hosted the pre-game and post-game shows for the Montreal Expos Broadcasts on CFCF radio. He also filled in for Dave Van Horne for as many as 40 games a year, when Dave did the play-by-play for TSN.
  •  In 1999, as well as broadcasting on CFMB, started weekly broadcasts on the Intertops online sports betting and internet casino.
  • In 2001, Ted moved his radio show from CFMB to Montreal’s new all-sports radio station The Team 990, where he was heard Sunday evenings at 11:00 p.m.
  • In 2006, Ted withdrew from the airwaves due to a medical problem. Ted had a serious problem with a foot infection and has been in and out of the hospital to this day. He never intended to leave broadcasting, but was quoted as saying, “This would be a perfect time to take my retirement.”
  • In 2008, Clyde Henry Productions in association with the National Film Board of Canada announced that they are producing a documentary on Ted Tevan expected out sometime in 2010.

To the “straight arrow” who put the “space cadets” in their place…

Thanks for the memories Ted.