The 'Prosperity Summit' or also know as "Extending Fortress America" within the Bush administration is currently under way at the resort Chateau Montebello on the banks of the Ottawa River.

The 3 Amigos (US President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon) are meeting there for the next couple of days to discuss such weighty issues as 'border security post-911';  the 'free-trade adjustments' that must be made within this new 'border security'; the 'War in Afghanistan' of course and maybe over a cup of tea they'll find some time for the 'War in Iraq' too. 

But don't be fooled by all the drama and rhetoric folks cause the main issue here (President Calderon would you kindly please exit the room) is the true ownership of "The North West Passage" and who will rightly claim
25% of the world's undiscovered oil and gas.

Russia says its theirs! They even planted a flag at the bottom of the Artctic Ocean to prove to the world that its theirs! See!

Canada says, "Now hold on a minute my comrade-in-arms...
This ain't the 15th Century no more... You can't just plant a flag
and call the place your own! Besides all that, didn't you know that 
we claimed it in 1973 & 1986. It's ours!"

The US, Denmark and Norway say, "No it ain't!"...We never ratified those claims!"

The North West Passage folks is up for grabs!"

Well, I bet you're wondering how all this mess began?
How exactly did we get to this point?
What happened here?

Well, its really not that complicated. Pretty simple actually.

You see, Global Warming (yeah, that nasty little bugger again) has thinned the Arctic ice cap, making drilling and shipping more feasible. And since most of the oil reserve in the world has been depleted through our own carelessness and greed, nations are now scrambling to get their hands on what's left.

The rape of the planet continues...