Just a little something to get me started..

This is not a particularly pressing issue, but feedback is appreciated.

I have a couple questions/suggestions for the NHL:

a) Ive heard several people refer to a team with equal wins and losses as being at .500. For example the Ducks at the moment are 15-15-5, making them a .500 team in the eyes of many. I understand that this follows the logic that an ot/so loss still gives 1 point, as a tie used to. However, in the three-point game era, the term is misleading, or rather has been rendered almost meaningless. Duck fans have watched their team lose 20 times and win 15. I would like to suggest that the league display team records as follows: (in the eg. of the Ducks) 15-20(5). This would be less misleading, and represent more accurately the performance of the team. Of course Bettman would hate this as at the moment 24 of 30 teams are "at or over .500", ie. winning teams. And nothing sells like winning.

b) Why doesn't the league allow players to remove their helmets for shootouts? Soccer is, arguably, the "sexiest" sport, in large part because players are so recognizable - they are not hidden under equipment and helmets. Shootouts without helmets would allow a more intimate experience for the fans, particularly as the more skilled players tend to wear visors which further hide their faces. The shootout seems like a perfect opportunity to increase the visibility of the players to the fans (though the choice to remove the helmet would reside with the player). the only reason that I can think of not to do this would be for insurance purposes...

Thanks all, night.