Today, a friend of mine closed his eyes for the very last time.

His name was Patrick Therrien and after a week on the missing persons list, the SQ discovered his body floating in a river about an hour North of Montreal.

Pat was a troubled soul since the day that we first met but was also a genuine soul. The kind of person that never really had a bad thought or anything negative to say about anyone. Even when he was down, he never dragged anyone along.

Pat loved music, Les Canadiens, hanging out with friends and drinking beer. Unfortunately, the latter had gotten the best of him the last couple of years but we all still held out hope that one day he would defeat this demon and the world would see his pure heart shine again.

Pat was an 80's rocker at heart. His favorite group was 'Iron Maiden' and even played rythm guitar for the Quebec Rock group "Sirus".

For the last few years he was the short-order cook at Cafe Republique in Outremont and that's where we initially met.

When life dragged me under for a while, and I needed a place to hide, Pat gracefully opened his doors to this stranger... We laughed, played tons of music together, got drunk, got stoned, watched the Habs on TV and talked for hours about all the dreams that we had that as yet hadn't materialized.

One night, Pat told me that what he really hoped for was a small place in the country for him and his friends and then life would truly be perfect.

The world is indeed a sadder place without Pat in it but perhaps the peace that he had been seeking for so long is finally now within his reach.

So long buddy... I will remember you.

This ones for you:      ENJOY!