Mariangela Pino Landau, is a medium, mystic, metaphysical minister, ritual and ceremonial facilitator, poet, author, and the founder of The Center for True North, a spiritual organization offering programs, services and products that promote personal authenticity and spiritual freedom. She earned a BA in Communications, an MFA in Performance Art, has studied and received accreditation from Unity Church, the Lyran/Causal Millennium Institute and Church of Religious Science and holds honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics Certificates. She is the author of a series of mystical of mystical writings, entitled True North Transmissions, which are a compilation of insights and observations obtained by Mariangela through telepathically transmitted messages, self-facilitated vision quests and mystical contemplation. Volume One in the series, entitled Spiritual Adulthood ~ Our Encoded Heritage ~, was published in October 2007. In October 2009, Mariangela condensed the contents of Volume One into a handy reference and spiritually nourishing companion entitled, Spiritual Adulthood Insights. She has also created and produced three Meditative Journey CD’s, entitled A Journey into Cosmic Heart Communion Chamber, Experiencing Your Cosmic Identity and Communing With Your Celestial Council, all of which function as companions to or independent of True North Transmissions Volume One. Mariangela also conducts Soulfire Spirit Sessions®, which are revelatory readings conducted in-person or telephonically, Mariangela assists clients in decoding and translating their soul blueprint in alignment with their higher purpose, communicating with family and friends who have crossed over, reviewing and interpreting their “past lives”, adeptly evaluating their energy system and restoring or fortifying their connection with their Macrocosmic (Higher) Self and Celestial Council (Spirit Guides). As founder of The Center for True North, Mariangela co-facilitates a variety of programs and services ranging from sacred circle symposiums to dynamic online and in person workshop expeditions, to provocative, illuminating mystical excursions and transcendent retreat experiences. All of these programs and services promote psycho-spiritual authenticity, boundless self-expression, profound personal freedom and fulfillment, for a life of significance. Mariangela, describes “true north” as an innate desire to direct one’s life in accordance with an authentic inner compass so that we can live the life we dream of, the life we are destined to live. For her, true north is not a path with an exact measurement or definite destination, but rather a path of personal discovery and integration, a place where ideas, concepts and insights can intersect without invalidating one another.