Bartholomew Craig

Therapist, Reiki Master, Third Order Franciscan, Previously owned businesses in Montreat, Calgary and Vancouver. Born Mtl. 1936. Now living in Costa Rica and writing a book of meditations. I share them as I write with a growing list of email spiritual seekers.

 Articles by this Author

Be Still

About stopping the busyness of the mind and listening to your higher Self

Each Day

Each day we are born anew, is a new life.

Truth and This Moment

There is no past or future only this moment. And Truth is stand alone.

Pray Always

We can't 'earn' Heaven (Spirituality)

The Naming of the Cat

There are messages from the Universe in the littlest things. Our Higher Power is always speaking to us. If we pay attention, we have a guidance that never fails. Spiritual Article

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