Michaela Sefler

Michaela Sefler is an metaphysical poet. Her poetry is esoteric alluding to ancient ideals. In her poetry she draws on ancient writings, to convey a message of hope, and survival, highlighting nature within creation She has seven published compilations of poetry. Still True, A Fortress in my Heart, The Sun is Hot, Through the Ages, Seven Stars and Healing Tree, TO SUMMON ANGELS the metaphysical.

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TO SUMMON ANGELS the metaphysical

To Summon AngelsMichaela Sefler, an esoteric poet from Montreal has just released her 7th compilation entltled "TO SUMMON ANGELS the metaphysical"...

In this compilation, Michaela attempts to merge feelings and hopes with spirituality of the ages. Inspired by ancient esoteric knowledge, she highlights various aspects in our spiritual reality, inspiring us to believe and reach a higher consciousness.

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