Here is a letter that I wrote to Mr. Byron Prior.
He and his family have been victims of abuse and have tried for many years to see justice served. Unfortunately, it has been a long and slow process, with little result. He is again departing for Ottawa this week, and shall remain there through Christmas and New Year having obtained a permit to protest on Parliament Hill. Byron Prior plans on staying there until January 21st,2009. If you are in Ottawa, do your best to stop by and give your encouragement and thanks for the cause he stands up for. Sexual abuse is not to be taken lightly. Justice for sexual abuse should be taken seriously. Our children are our future, let us protect them however we can.


We were driving to Ottawa when my boyfriend told me about you.I knew he was working on a website, but often the subject, like with any other couples, doesn’t come up as I thought it’s just work related He told me then that we may run into Byron Prior, the man who he was in contact with, was writing about and trying to help. We were just in Ottawa for two days for my business and didn’t see you. I would have liked to meet you.

Byron PriorI was impressed in many ways. First, after hearing your story and identifying with it in many ways, and that you have had the courage and tenacity to stand up and speak when so many choose or are forced to remain silent. Second, that your story could inspire other people in a same or similar situation to summon the courage to do the same.

I am 49 years old, my mother and her siblings range from 71 to 59. I am the elder cousin of a group of close to 27, second and third marriages included.. Most of us come from was is politely called a dysfunctional family. I saw things growing up in my own family that I found odd or curious, but now that I am seeing repeated in the younger generation of my cousins and their children. And I am concerned.

I write for a hobby and not for a living. I work five days a week at interior design job that I mostly love but sometimes hate. I am fortunate that my parents are still , at their age, relatively healthy.

I have a good man in my life that I truly love, and who puts up with the bad dreams,

and swings of mood and bad humor that I can display.

I would, with your permission, continue writing the article that my boyfriend didn’t have the time to complete.. I’ve often been asked to write my own family’s story, but they are not looking for justice, just for peace within their hearts, which they will find in their own ways. You are looking for both peace and justice first, which I think is more important.

I will give you my contact information should you decide to speak with me. I realize at this point that you may not trust many people to do what they say they will, but I will try my best.

My best regards, Debra Cathcart