Canada Upstream Oil and Gas Fiscal Regime Profile:Covers Petroleum Regulations and Taxation for Explorations and Production Assets • Global Market Direct’s Canada Oil and Gas Fiscal Regime Profile is an essential source for fiscal information relating to oil and gas assets in Canada. The report covers the petroleum fiscal environment, license terms and key fiscal terms for assets. It provides detailed descriptions of various elements of the geography’s fiscal regime. It also gives an understanding of its petroleum regulations and the framework of opportunities available to the players in the industry. Report Coverage • Information on the geography’s fiscal environment, license policies and fiscal terms specific to the upstream oil and gas assets. • Analysis of fiscal environment in terms of the governing law, licensing authority, contract type and state participation. • The licensing terms for both exploration blocks and oil and gas fields. • A sample calculation detailing how fiscal terms apply to a typical asset in the regime. • Detailed information on key fiscal terms (such as rents, bonuses, royalty, cost recovery, profit oil, petroleum and corporate taxes) pertaining the geography (where applicable). Why Buy? • Provides the most up to date information available relating to the geography’s fiscal regime. • Understand the geography’s policies and fiscal terms, and their impact on contractor’s profits from upstream oil and gas assets. • Evaluate the attractiveness of the geography for oil and gas investment in the light of government policies and the fiscal environment.

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