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"We are watching a poorly staged rendition of Wag the Dog , interpreted for the morbidly stupid and performed by the criminally insane." ~
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by/par JF William
Published/Publié 01/22/2008
If the Republicans lose in 2008, they will leave office armed and dangerous. Bush's Praetorian Guard could presage the final stage in the collapse of American democracy.


he privatization of the army undermines the "real one".

It parallels the process by which the US middle class now competes with brutalized children in third world factories.

Here's a few tender morsels of a reality our darling Big Media would shy upon if it wasn't for a few intrepid journalists who insist in still doing their job.

The mere concept of "Army for Hire" is way wrong !

Profit from war should indeed be considered treason. 

Check out this Rolling Stone article (Issue 1034) for some downright revolting items... The Great Iraq Swindle / How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit Contractors to Invade the U.S. Treasury

This isn't a "war against terrorism," it's a mugging of the taxpayers for corporate profiteering.

Pentagon probes $6B in Iraq, Afghan contracts. 225 people working on 90 investigations and 29 audits stemming from the hundreds of billions dollars spent on the wars thus far. An additional 26 inquiries involve public corruption, which covers bribery and conflicts of interest. House Armed Services Committee questioned whether a "culture of corruption" had consumed the military's system.

Feds Probe Blackwater Weapons Smuggling / Pentagon and State Department auditors have concluded there is enough evidence to file charges that employees of Blackwater USA illegally smuggled into Iraq weapons that may have been sold on the black market and ended up in the hands of a U.S.- designated terrorist organization.

Also : U.S. Repeatedly Rebuffed Iraq on Blackwater Complaints / Washington Post!

Blackwater has been involved in at least 195 shooting incidents in Iraq since 2005 and, in eight of 10 cases, their forces fired first, a leading U.S. lawmaker said on Monday. "Blackwater, which has been paid a little over $1 billion by the U.S. government since 2001. Committee chair Rep. Henry Waxman released details from Blackwater's own reports of multiple incidents involving Iraqi casualties. The memorandum also slammed the State Department's oversight of the company.

Administration Issues Blackwater New $92 Million Contract / Even as security contractor Blackwater USA faces scrutiny over its actions in Iraq, the U.S. government is deepening ties to Blackwater by awarding a 4 years contract to Presidential Airways Inc. for supplying specialized airplanes, crews and equipment for flight operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Presidential Airways is owned by Blackwater's corporate parent, Prince Group LLC.

Blackwater faulted by U.S. military: report / WASHINGTON POST (Reuters) - "It was obviously excessive. It was obviously wrong. The civilians that were fired upon, they didn't have any weapons to fire back at them. " The Blackwater guards appeared to have fired grenade launchers in addition to machine guns. An Iraqi Interior Ministry official and five eyewitnesses described a second deadly shooting involving the same Blackwater guards minutes after the incident in Nisoor Square.

"SPIES FOR HIRE" from Blackwater's Owner / The Prince Group, the holding company that owns Blackwater Worldwide, has been building an intelligence operation. Total Intelligence Solutions, has assembled a roster of former spooks & high-ranking figures such as Cofer Black, the former head of counterterrorism at CIA known for his leading role in many of the agency's more controversial programs. By Dana Hedgpeth / Washington Post Saturday, November 3, 2007

John Cusack: "So apart from getting obscenely rich, what are these private security and other contractor companies doing with this tsunami of public money that is being thrown at them? Naomi Klein: The company has build up a private army of twenty thousand on-call mercenary soldiers and a massive military base in North Carolina worth between $40 and $50 million. They have armored vehicles, helicopter gunships, manmade lakes, a Boeing 767, a Zeppelin."

With a new scandal breaking practically every day, one would think Blackwater security would be on the ropes, facing a corporate meltdown or even a total wipeout. But it seems that business for the company has never been better, as it continues to pull in major federal contracts. And its public demeanor grows bolder and cockier by the day.
Read : Blackwater's Business By Jeremy Scahill /

BLACKWATER'S WAR CRIMES / Many of the legal experts say there almost literally is no law that could be applied to Blackwater, except war crimes. There clearly is jurisdiction and a basis to act against them under the War Crimes Act. But the Bush administration doesn't want to go there, doesn't want to touch that. I think they've made that point clear. Congress is trying to amend that so that it would apply to Blackwater, but it can't be applied retroactively. Talk about free pass !

BUSH'S PRAETORIAN GUARDS ARE AMPED ON 'ROIDS AND OTHER SHIT -- A quarter of Blackwater security guards in Iraq use steroids and other "judgment-altering substances," according to a lawsuit filed by the families of several Iraqis killed or wounded in a Baghdad shooting in September. The lawsuit accuses Blackwater of war crimes, wrongful death, assault, negligent hiring and emotional distress. WASHINGTON (CNN November 27, 2007)

U.S. Colonel: Blackwater "Actually Drew Their Weapons On U.S. Soldiers." / Newsweek's Oct. 15, 2007 issue / The colonel was furious. He was describing a 2006 car accident, in which an SUV full of Blackwater operatives had crashed into a U.S. Army Humvee on a street in Baghdad's Green Zone. Blackwater guards disarmed the U.S. Army soldiers and made them lie on the ground at gunpoint until they could disentangle the SUV.

Army suicides highest in 26 years By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press Writer Thu Aug 16, WASHINGTON - Army soldiers committed suicide last year at the highest rate in 26 years, and more than a quarter did so while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a new military report. 

So... WAR...Bang, bang, HUH ! What is it good for ? Absolutly nothing ! Say it again ;)

Now behave will ya, Big Brother is watching and we’ve got a WAR to win !