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Désillusionné par nos médias de masse, j`ai décidé de faire mes propres recherches pour comprendre notre monde, notre histoire et les événements mondiaux actuels et leurs connexions entre eux. De comprendre dans quel système l`on vit, ainsi que son fonctionnement, nous protège mentalement contre la désinformation, la propagande et la manipulation et nous permet de faire de bien meilleurs choix.

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by/par François Marginean
Published/Publié 12/18/2007
Émission de L'Autre Monde (du 16 décembre 2007): Économie/ Finances, Torture, Israël, Palestine, Vaccination forcée, Iran

Émission de L'Autre Monde du 16 décembre 2007: Économie/ Finances, Torture, Israël, Palestine,

- Réchauffement du climat ou réchauffement des océans? De nouvelles découvertes très intéressantes: les volcans sous les océans.

- Dossier santé: aspartame vs sucres naturels, Big Pharma et les vaccins- manipulations et corruption, le lien entre les tueries aux É-U et les anti-depresseurs. Ceci met fin à la saison automne 2007, on se retrouve le 13 janvier 2008!



Morgan Stanley issues full US recession alert

Morgan Stanley has issued a full recession alert for the US economy, warning of a sharp slowdown in business investment and a "perfect storm" for consumers as the housing slump spreads.

US Federal Reserve eyes rate cut, prepares for economic storm: analysts

The US economy has sailed through a series of rough patches, but the Federal Reserve is likely to cut interest rates Tuesday to guard against the effects of a brewing economic storm, analysts say.

Implications of Commercial Real Estate Collapse

Hidden in the headline U.S. Housing Crash Deepens in 2008 After Record Drop is the fact that it's not just housing we are talking about.

U.S. office sales fell 70 percent in October from a year ago, industrial sales declined 24 percent, and retail and apartment sales dropped 50, according to New York-based research firm Real Capital Analytics Inc.

Unprecedented Central Bank Collusion Allows Troubled Institutions to Borrow Emergency Funds in Secret

The crucial elements in the Fed's move yesterday is not so much the sum of money on offer - $20bn next week, $20bn the week after - but that all depository banks in America can draw from the tap anonymously, without the risk of being found out.

Report Says That the Rich Are Getting Richer Faster, Much Faster

The increase in incomes of the top 1 percent of Americans from 2003 to 2005 exceeded the total income of the poorest 20 percent of Americans, data in a new report by the Congressional Budget Office shows.

The poorest fifth of households had total income of $383.4 billion in 2005, while just the increase in income for the top 1 percent came to $524.8 billion, a figure 37 percent higher.

-Iran, Israël et Palestine:

Smoking Laptop Follies

Some details of that alleged program, obtained from the hard-drive of a laptop computer, allegedly stolen in Iran in 2004, had been supplied to us a few months later, apparently by the same wonderful folks who had earlier supplied us the "intelligence" on Iraq, obtained by them from "Curveball."

Now, a cynic, like Ebenezer Scrooge, might be forgiven for wondering who had provided us that "smoking laptop" – containing details of what we now are told were already abandoned activities – and why.

The entire claim that Iran was building nuclear weapons rests on a laptop provided by a dubious source.

'Laptop of Death': Revising the NIE on Iran

Critics argue that intelligence was also manipulated by policy-makers within the Bush administration to justify an U.S.-led invasion, and that neoconservatives are still trying to exert political control over the intelligence process.

Walled Nativity Scene Borders On Anti-Semitism, Jewish Leaders Say

"It's a shameful, cheap gimmick and it's destroying the spirit of Christmas by politicizing it," Arieh O'Sullivan, an ADL spokesman in Jerusalem, told Cybercast News Service. "It's amazing how low people will go to make a sale."

These nativity scenes are painfully close to the truth for the Palestinian people, which is why they hit a nerve with Israelis

Screaming how offended they are by members of the Jewish community both in Israel and abroad will only help the sales of these items (the "banned in Boston" effect).

IDF may create special passages in West Bank security fence to allow migration of wild animals

Israeli army spotters have a new job - counting wild animals on both sides of Israel's West Bank security fence, helping naturalists to assess the problems caused by the huge structure, an army publication reported.

Now let me get this straight: the IDF may create passages for wildlife endangered by the West Bank Security fence, but is denying travel permits to sick kids who are going to die without treatment in Israel?

The irony meter just pegged, big-time.

-La torture, destruction d'évidences par la CIA, État policier:

Bush Threatens To Veto Bill That Bans Torture

One cannot torture, then blather on to the rest of the world about freedom, human rights, and democracy, etc.,

Apparently, this staggering hypocrisy is completely lost on Bush and his minions.

Bush Demands Freedom to Torture

President Bush's repeated insistence that "we don't torture" appeared even more transparently bogus yesterday as the White House threatened to veto a House bill that would explicitly ban a variety of abhorrent practices.

This is from the Washington Post!

C.I.A. Destroyed Tapes of Interrogations

"Hey, who needs to keep tapes of heart-rending screams cased by soul-wrenching pain? You some kind of sick pervert?"-- Official White Horse Souse -Michael Rivero

Justice Dept.: Back Off on CIA Tapes

The administration argued it was not obligated to preserve the videotapes and told U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy that demanding information about them "could potentially complicate the ongoing efforts to arrive at a full factual understanding of the matter."

"We are above the law!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Mukasey Rebuffs Congress in Tape Inquiry

Attorney General Michael Mukasey refused Friday to give Congress details of the government's investigation into interrogations of terror suspects that were videotaped and destroyed by the CIA. He said doing so could raise questions about whether the inquiry is vulnerable to political pressure.

"It's nunyabidness." -- Official White Horse Souse

Judge Urged Not to Ask About CIA Tapest

In court documents filed Friday night, government lawyers told U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy that demanding information about the tapes would interfere with current investigations by Congress and the Justice Department.

It was the first time the government had addressed the issue of the videotapes in court.

This destruction of the tapes has nothing to do with the safety of the interrogators: it had everything to do with preventing thinking American citizens to witness what was - and still is - done with their tax dollars and in their name.

GOP Senator Says Waterboarding Torture Technique Is Like "Swimming"

The pool is open, Senator. Care for a swimming lesson?

Waterboarding was a technique popular with the Nazis and the (Un)Holy Inquisition. Doesn't sound like it is all that benign, does it?

Torture, Destruction of Evidence, Obstruction of Justice--Just a Typical Day in the Bush Administration

Let's be frank here. The recent discovery of documents related to the torture videotapes that were destoyed is old news, not new. The fact is that since 2001, our government has tortured, lied about the torture, and destroyed court ordered evidence and documents of the torture. In other words, they've done everything they can to cover their own asses.

Fox News 'Comedian' Declares 'Waterboarding: It's A Good Thing'

In a column, Greg Gutfeld — host of Fox's 2 a.m. "dark humor" news show you've never heard of — writes this "comedic" defense of waterboarding: Now, waterboarding might be torture, but as long as people I hate also hate waterboarding, then I love it more than life itself. … So I cherish waterboarding. I want to make it our national sport, our national bird. I want to make the waterboard the state flower of Vermont, instead of the Birkenstock.

New Attorney General stonewalls Senate over CIA tapes

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy said Friday he is disappointed at the Justice Department for its outright refusal to hand over any information about the interrogation videotapes destroyed by the CIA two years ago.

Memo to Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy: stop wringing your hands and stomping your feet on this.

You're the folks who confirmed this guy, even when he appeared unable to state whether water boarding was actually torture.

You kicked the wheels, sat behind the steering wheel, and took this man's judicial convictions for a spin.

You knew precisely what you were getting with Mucasey, and now you're experiencing "buyer's remorse"?

What you and your fellow Senators appear not to have the male attributes to do is subpoena the guy, and if he refuses, hit him with a Contempt of Congress charge.

.But the spineless 110th congress just seems to collectively snivel, stomp their feet like cranky two year olds, and do absolutely nothing.....

CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of COCAINE

A jet used in the CIA' torture flights winds up "re-kitted" in Mexico, carrying tons of illegal drugs.

See The Crimes of Mena

Texas to fingerprint people fleeing hurricanes

"Okay, now hold that ink pad above the water and roll your thumb across it..."

Houston Chronicle

Texans seeking to escape the next hurricane or state emergency by evacuation bus will first be submitted to criminal background checks, the state's emergency management director says.

-Union Nord Américaine (NAU):

doublespeak 101

Province of manitoba throne speech nov.20, 2007.

The NAU and the Police State North America are ratcheting up. Note

reference to

1. Enhanced driver's licenses in Manitoba coming fall 2008 This means

tracking devices and/or massive amounts of all your personal data

imprinted on it. A "show your papers" step.

2. Continental Trade corridorrunning from Port Churchillthrough

the United States to Mexico. This is the NAFTA superhighway we have

been warning about which media and all politicians have denied.

3. A North American Alliance between business, state and city The

project has been inthe works for 15 years.

4. An inland port in Winnipeg Manitoba with pre clearance in shipping.

Another example of perfidy and intentional

erroneous impression that has had little publicity in Canada, is as


The Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba welcomed the

second session of the 39th Legislative Assembly

on November 20th, 2007. Reading from the Throne

Speech of the Gary Doer government he said,"

Manitoba is also taking a major role in the

development of the mid-continent corridor

connecting our northern port of Churchill with

trade markets throughout the central United

States and Mexico… to advance the concept an

alliance has been built with business leaders and

state and city governments spanning the entire

length of the corridor. When fully developed the

trade route will incorporate an inland port in

Winnipeg with pre-clearance for international shipping."

In other words he blew the whistle, he made an

official definitive statement re the actuality

and ratification of the SPP and the emergence of

the North American Union, organized entirely by

tub-thumping government committees and private

enterprise slicksters, while Canadian citizens

are denied information to which they are


The north americain trade corridors

Following the implementation of NAFTA, coalitions of interest have been formed in order to promote specific transport channels, to develop the infrastructures of these channels and to propose jurisdictional amendments to facilitate the crossing of borders. These coalitions include businesses, government agencies, civil organizations, metropolitan areas, rural communities and also individuals, wishing to strengthen the commercial hubs of their regions.

The North American trade corridors are bi- or tri-national channels for which various cross-border interests have grouped together in order to develop or consolidate the infrastructures. The North American corridors are considered multimodal in the sense that they bring into play different modes of transport in succession.

The infrastructures may include roads, highways, transit routes, airports, pipelines, railways and train stations, river canal systems and port facilities, telecommunications networks and teleports.

Angry migrant underclass might erupt in U.S.

The rapid escalation of the U.S. anti-immigration hysteria -- fueled by ratings-hungry cable-television hotheads and leading Republican presidential hopefuls -- is a dangerous trend: It may lead to a Hispanic intifada that may rock this nation in the not-so-distant future.

This is a misuse of the word, "Intifada". The Intifada is a fight by the citizens of an occupied country against an invader. In this case, the illegals are the invaders, albeit covert ones. If this not-very-subtle threat was carried out, there will be little sympathy for them.

Bush Stealthily Authorizes Full Access to U.S. Roads for Even More Mexico-Based NAFTA Trucks

The last time the Bush administration made a public announcement about the number of Mexico-based carriers allowed to participate in the NAFTA trucks pilot program, there were only three carriers.

It has long been the tradition by this administration to bury bad news like this by sending out press releases on Friday afternoon, but in this case, the Department of Transportation (DOT) reached a new low: not sending any press release at all, but simply updating a Web page.

We have no idea if there is anything approximating a safety inspection of these vehicles, or if there is, what it entails

And can the drivers speak English well enough to comply with road signs and speed limits?

-Abolition de la peine de mort au New Jersey:

New Jersey: abolition de la peine de mort,2599

C'est une nouvelle toute simple qui tombe sur les tables des observateurs de l'actualité internationale. Elle mérite d'être mentionnée. La peine de mort est actuellement en vigueur dans 37 États américains.

Les représentants de l'État du New Jersey (nord-est des États-Unis), aux États-Unis, ont approuvé par 44 voix contre 36 le texte qui remplace la peine de mort par la prison à perpétuité sans possibilité de libération conditionnelle.

Selon Amnesty International, les États-Unis ont été le seul pays du continent américain à procéder à des exécutions en 2006, 53 au total, un chiffre seulement dépassé par cinq pays loin d'être des modèles de démocratie : la Chine, l'Iran, le Pakistan, l'Irak et le Soudan. « Les Européens se demandent de plus en plus s'ils partagent des valeurs fondamentales avec les États-Unis », note Reed Brody, de l'organisation de défense des droits de l'Homme. Human Rights Watch. Les partisans de la peine capitale dénonceraient la perte de ce qu'ils considèrent comme une mesure de dissuasion utile contre le crime et une forme ultime de justice pour les victimes et leur famille. Tandis que ses opposants ne pourraient que se féliciter de la fin de ce qu'ils perçoivent comme une tradition américaine barbare.