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Is Anybody Watching This?
Nick P
Life is growth 
by/par Nick P
Published/Publié 09/29/2007
When you think about how bills get passed at legislatures, the last thing you would expect would be for lawmakers to be cheating the people they are elected to represent.

Political Musical Chairs
y cheating the people, lawmakers silence the peoples' voice (majority rule) which is the basis of democracy.

So with democracy gone another form of government must take its place.

Unfortunately for many, it is sometimes fascism.

Authoritarianism is often an integral part of fascism and the level of it is mainly defined by 'social control'; a recent example of this is the story of a University of Florida student who got tasered repeatedly by officers at a political Q&A for no good reason.

Further evidence of foul play include the infamous MKULTRA project which has recently been declassified by the C.I.A, and also, today's cult of money brought forth by consumerism.

Having and not having knowledge of these events lead to two separate perceptions of reality in an individual.

I sometimes ask myself who I fell more sorry for. So finally, when up becomes down and down becomes up the only way to move around is by learning to reorient yourself.

Now sit back, relax and and watch this piece of political theatre.