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Letter to Michael Moore
Debra Cathcart

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by/par Debra Cathcart
Published/Publié 08/26/2007
After seeing the film "Sicko" by controversial director Michael Moore, I had to write this letter. See the movie. It will open your eyes to some horror stories going on right next door that should shame the US healthcare system...


Dear Mr. Moore,

My friends and I have subscribed to your mailing list, but tonight was the first time we went to see your movie "Sicko" First of all, we are Canadian, and felt that loud and proud as we walked out of the screening.I cannot tell you how heartbroken and outraged we are at seeing honest, decent,working people in the US either being denied procedures or coverage at all.

This story hits home for me in a huge way in how lucky we actually are, not that anyone from the government comes in to do my laundry, but still.

Close to 2 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. From the diagnosis to the surgery, with time for pre-op and whatever other testing, took a grand total of 2 months.Her surgery was then followed by chemotherapy for another six months, all of which went like clockwork. No waiting, no delays, and above all no worry about the financial toll that this would take on our family.

Above and beyond the mediical services she received at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal (and we're not Jewish, we're Catholic, but they don't take notice of such things) There was an organization of volunteers called "Hope and Cope", that provided everything from transport to chaperones, counselling for patients and their families, whatever we thought we needed was offered to us. Including a number of funny looking hats when she lost her hair from the chemo.We are not rich people,more like fair to middling, and with no insurance, we would have been bankrupt in a very short time.

When the gentleman in your movie mentions Tommy Douglas, I wanted to get down on my knees and thank him personally.Without Tommy Douglas, our country and people may have been in the same mess as your hospital and HMO system is in the US.

She has since received her greatest news, and that given this was all taken care of in time,she is cancer free at 70, will need follow-ups, but essentially she has her life back!

Thank you for bringing to the screen those stories that might not have been told otherwise.If some people think that you're a pain, well so be it.Everyone who has something of importance to say will likely be classified as such in his or her lifetime. I say please keep up the good work.

My best regards,