One man's quest to take Excalibur from its stone. A: ladder B: lure/repulsion. Relationship within field. C: subjective view/incomplete D: malformed cycle E: measure F: immeasurable at base G: counterclockwise momentum. effort. H: connected as equal/side to side I: connected(connection) from above to below/as inequal J: post-term modification. :reaches back" and touches the timeline. K: Strike. ALL DEFINITIONS. L: Profit. From Heaven joining timeline. M: Mass. Think Pi after a karate chop. N: Spawning or negating. Tree grows, acorn falls, tree grows. O: Whole cycle P: Potential. Possible. Pregnancy or penile implied. Q: Marked cycle or thing presumed as cycle. State of "undefined", and thus, linked to transience. R: Resultant. Compare to P. S: Redirect. Overlay an S on an O and you have the basic yin/yang. Imagine energy flowing counterclockwise; the S redirects it into clockwise momentum. T: Sacrifice. Bolt from beyond that affects but does not join timeline. U: Transient. From above and soon returning. V: Time-mark/place-mark. You Are Here. W: Choice. Mountain at center, two valleys to choose from to circumvent. Two more mountains beside those implied but not specified. X: Conversion of factors that do not modify each other. Y: Unification/division. Think zipper. Z: Connection of End-To Beginning. End of one line of writing connected to the start of the next. Generational. Unknown but assumed. Words are to be interpreted from center outwards, going left-right-left-right.