Dimensions From All Existences
As the sun rose above
Morning glitters glanced their glistenings
Across the surface of my eyes
Inundating my inner flowing stream.
Dew drops saturated
As I awoke from a dream
Only to find light visions more vivid
Than those from the preceding night.
As I began my meditation
Felt myself soaring through a valley
The symbolism was not lost
Synchronicity of the moment was etched,
Like a permanent akashic record
My wing span was expanding
As my circular breathing
Encircled my entire aura.
I was back where I was
I knew not how many revolutions before
But the past was now the present
Meaning I had come full circle.
In an environment
Where sounds and sights were embraced
In an evolving atmosphere
Where creativity filled the air.
In cycles of striking striations
Which endowed my spirit
With an elevating updraft
From a well of sparkling wishes.
So came concise concentrations
To lift my feet off the ground
To change my appearance
But not my character.
I learned a word I had to utter
In the water's reflection
I witnessed my transformation
Into my hawk personna.
The feeling of the earth beneath
Made an hour glass obsolete
For time had itself merged
With the dimensions from all existences.