Aura Of The Earth
I came into being
Not by accident
But through a predestined tunnel
I chose while still in spiritual form.
It's hard to believe
In those early formative years
Just what I had to endure
Which would either make me or break me.
I resolved to withstand
To strengthen with each outing
As I saw the whole picture
The pre-requisites for attainment.
This karma had some nasty pinches
But there was no avoiding
Though at times I wish I could have
Some thorns were painfully unbearable.
Lessons are there to be learned
This is a life long process
I know there may be more to come
Just in a more subtle manner.
There were a few occasions
The wind could have been lost in my sails
I remember feeling a presence
Providing a shield if you will.
I looked up to the sky asking
Realizing just how close I came
Wondering, but not wandering
Knowing my path had some hidden pitfalls.
At these moments I'd get shivers
Up and down my spine
Pushing me towards
To move beyond that point.
Where my last life ended
To further my own cause
Which was greater than myself
Unselfish in nature.
As I think back
As I look ahead
I see a crimson in the horizon
Returning an essence to the aura of the earth.