Temporal Tenure
There's been an increase in velocity
The speed at which things occur
It used to be every so often
Now it seems every other day.
The clouds are an indication
As a temporal tenure
A presence that's become frequent
As well as in their duration.
Like a breeze that crosses your face
You feel it dry, sandy, salty or wet
For those with a deeper sense
The effects can touch one's inner chasms.
There are entities at work
On both sides of the pendulum
As this spectrum shift gravitates
To ones of a positive influence.
Those who wish to protect
The antiquated status quo system
Have their own selfish motives at heart
Which will be replaced by an altruistic tempo.
It is written for all to read
This time we're now upon
Will be witnessed
By the aggregate of all life.
Here and beyond the realm of earth
Egalitarianism will replace subordination
Shortsightedness will be eclipsed
By an omniscient vision.
Which has been freed
From an enclosure
Now travelling in the wind
Whose recognition,
Is an enlightening experience
Which means adaptation
Using a greater capacity
Not some stereotypical limitations.
As we comprehend
More fathoms of our consciousness
A permanent peace is instilled
Engrained into the fabric of our beings.