> Expanding Depths
>You can tell if one
>Is down to earth
>If they have uncovered
>The source of their inspiration.
>With an unbridled passion
>That knows no bounds
>With a want that is willing
>To make any sacrifice.
>For the betterment of all
>Not just themself
>If they can walk in a forest
>Feeling one with all the surroundings.
>Then to sit within a tree
>One that may be hollow
>To hear little whispers
>First tickling the outside of their ear.
>Next, observing facial expressions
>Being so conspicuous
>At least to an eye
>That sees beyond declared margins.
>This one converses in ways
>Has its lineage in roots
>In ancestral ties
>That correspond to a twinkling,
>In a far off star system
>Whose seeds spring eternal
>With waters from a fountain
>Of infinite vitality,
>Immortality and creativity
>Which are remnants
> From a valley
>Still glistens in the hearts,
>Of transcended souls
>Who are highly sensitive
>To the very essence of life
>To a nature that flows,
>Within all entities
>Which some have a greater affinity
>Due to an evolving consciousness
>Of ever expanding depths.