I was just passing through
Only a brief stop over
To heal what needed to be healed
To cross paths with an old friend.

The time that was spent there
Was wonderful and magical
And of such salience
That each moment will remain poignant forever.

Knew that before this all started
Didn't want to make any roots
But the memories will persist
Longer than will my current shell.

I have this instinctive beacon
Draws me like the earth does raindrops
I soak up its moisture
Which gives me the strength to endure,
What I shall come up against
For with friction so is there a flow
Tests still lie in the distance
Of their depth and number I am uncertain.

Life is just that way
As this part was a convalescence
Which did me a world of good
Reacquaintance with a kindred spirit,
Was something I was prepared for
But the intensity of one's light
Made my inner soul smile
I will not forget that radiance.

Was something that brought me back
When I inhabited a different form
Whose sunlight tickled the surface
Releasing striations into an ecstatic rainbow.

Once again did this transpire
Only with an increase in amplitude
For without speaking one word
One knew the origins of my pains.

The center of my evolving karma
For this am I grateful
As I again stand by these waters
Two eagles once more are touching feathers