Regeneration Of Souls
The smoke is billowing
The trees and plant life
Leave their cries to the wind
To echo across the currents.
The nights are sheer desperation
Where is the one?
To place the turquoise in the water
To bring the soothing rains.
The land is being scorched
Temperatures have risen
To create a tinder box
For lightning or careless humans.
The earth feels like
The surface of the sun
Animals flee the peril instinctively
With their hearts barely intact.
The voices congregate
One has heard their pleas
His soul aches from their demise
Such trembling shakes the land.
From ocean to ocean
His tears begin to flow
He walks in a forest
Untouched, but still bewildered.
As he comes to a river
With emerald hues
He places his chain of stones
With deliberate intent.
As clouds begin to form
Whose distance are a world away
Yet his spirit experiences
The anguish like he was one of them.
Raindrops begin to fall
One after the other
Then in sheets and streams
A calm overcomes the acrid suffocation.
Gentle hands caress
Sweeping ever so gracefully
As tiny saplings find daylight
So does a regeneration of souls reincarnate.