As you lie in the meadow
Try to be as motionless as possible
As the clouds journey by
It's like reading a mystical story.

Your breathing synchronizes
With the spirit of the wind
You piece the portions together
Each with an interwoven sinew.

Of a passionate permanence
From those glittering eyes
Which reveal an inherent crystalization
That emits ascending shimmers.

As the text unfolds its pages
One after the other
A visualization paints
A sequence of interrelated pictographs.

The canvas continues
See yourself and those in your circle
In enactments and depictions
With picturesque landscapes.

Such are these portrayals
To tell of what may be
As each falls into place
With a precise precision.

That is in itself a documentation
Of the spirals in one's life
From the lines in one's palm
Which these images closely emulate.

So you place your hand upwards
A tingling travels down your body
Then through your feet
Recycling your energies with mother earth.

As the day passes
Stay there in a quiet peace
Which evolves, then circulates
Through your entire being.

Across all dimensions
Filling you in this solitude
With harmonistic harp strings
That accentuate integrating accents.