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Behind Naked Eyes
alex chornyj
I am an esoteric writer as well as a reiki master teacher. My writing has an enlightenment angle to expose the truth that has been hidden from the naked eye but visible to those who are open minded. 
by/par alex chornyj
Published/Publié 01/11/2010
A selection of poems by Alex Chornyj that speak about the truth that has been withheld within our real origins as energy beings...

Atmosphere With Symbols
Atmosphere With Symbols
Outward extraneous forces
From both polarity realms
Are seeping in through pores
Only light particles must attach.
The dark silhouettes
Should fall by the wayside
Be filtered out quietly
Not even acknowledge their existence.
The presence at this moment
Along this sun dial calendar
Is an angle being propitious
As long as we remain.
Aware of our surroundings
Which we abundantly are
As our etchings are being engraved
With amethyst slivers.
Once so implanted
Provides an impenetrable shield
In an atmosphere with symbols
Passing in through the third eye.
Not all is of a nature
That is benevolent
A struggle still ensues
Until the last remnants slip away.
We paint our own picture
It's important to be particular
About the source of our pigments
In which we dip our brush.
We know some are tainted
As they give off a vibration
Almost makes one's toes curl
These ones we let sit in sunlight.
Our auras will not be compromised
We channel through to others
Their afflictions are passed through
Then cleansed by the mother earth.
Not returned into our fields
Which might leave our soil infertile
Stricken with a plight
From the ones we empowered to heal themselves.

Integrating Accents
As you lie in the meadow
Try to be as motionless as possible
As the clouds journey by
It's like reading a mystical story.

Your breathing synchronizes
With the spirit of the wind
You piece the portions together
Each with an interwoven sinew.

Of a passionate permanence
From those glittering eyes
Which reveal an inherent crystalization
That emits ascending shimmers.

As the text unfolds its pages
One after the other
A visualization paints
A sequence of interrelated pictographs.

The canvas continues
See yourself and those in your circle
In enactments and depictions
With picturesque landscapes.

Such are these portrayals
To tell of what may be
As each falls into place
With a precise precision.

That is in itself a documentation
Of the spirals in one's life
From the lines in one's palm
Which these images closely emulate.

So you place your hand upwards
A tingling travels down your body
Then through your feet
Recycling your energies with mother earth.

As the day passes
Stay there in a quiet peace
Which evolves, then circulates
Through your entire being.

Across all dimensions
Filling you in this solitude
With harmonistic harp strings
That accentuate integrating accents.

Regeneration Of Souls
Regeneration Of Souls
The smoke is billowing
The trees and plant life
Leave their cries to the wind
To echo across the currents.
The nights are sheer desperation
Where is the one?
To place the turquoise in the water
To bring the soothing rains.
The land is being scorched
Temperatures have risen
To create a tinder box
For lightning or careless humans.
The earth feels like
The surface of the sun
Animals flee the peril instinctively
With their hearts barely intact.
The voices congregate
One has heard their pleas
His soul aches from their demise
Such trembling shakes the land.
From ocean to ocean
His tears begin to flow
He walks in a forest
Untouched, but still bewildered.
As he comes to a river
With emerald hues
He places his chain of stones
With deliberate intent.
As clouds begin to form
Whose distance are a world away
Yet his spirit experiences
The anguish like he was one of them.
Raindrops begin to fall
One after the other
Then in sheets and streams
A calm overcomes the acrid suffocation.
Gentle hands caress
Sweeping ever so gracefully
As tiny saplings find daylight
So does a regeneration of souls reincarnate.

Touching Feathers
I was just passing through
Only a brief stop over
To heal what needed to be healed
To cross paths with an old friend.

The time that was spent there
Was wonderful and magical
And of such salience
That each moment will remain poignant forever.

Knew that before this all started
Didn't want to make any roots
But the memories will persist
Longer than will my current shell.

I have this instinctive beacon
Draws me like the earth does raindrops
I soak up its moisture
Which gives me the strength to endure,
What I shall come up against
For with friction so is there a flow
Tests still lie in the distance
Of their depth and number I am uncertain.

Life is just that way
As this part was a convalescence
Which did me a world of good
Reacquaintance with a kindred spirit,
Was something I was prepared for
But the intensity of one's light
Made my inner soul smile
I will not forget that radiance.

Was something that brought me back
When I inhabited a different form
Whose sunlight tickled the surface
Releasing striations into an ecstatic rainbow.

Once again did this transpire
Only with an increase in amplitude
For without speaking one word
One knew the origins of my pains.

The center of my evolving karma
For this am I grateful
As I again stand by these waters
Two eagles once more are touching feathers

Expanding Depths

> Expanding Depths
>You can tell if one
>Is down to earth
>If they have uncovered
>The source of their inspiration.
>With an unbridled passion
>That knows no bounds
>With a want that is willing
>To make any sacrifice.
>For the betterment of all
>Not just themself
>If they can walk in a forest
>Feeling one with all the surroundings.
>Then to sit within a tree
>One that may be hollow
>To hear little whispers
>First tickling the outside of their ear.
>Next, observing facial expressions
>Being so conspicuous
>At least to an eye
>That sees beyond declared margins.
>This one converses in ways
>Has its lineage in roots
>In ancestral ties
>That correspond to a twinkling,
>In a far off star system
>Whose seeds spring eternal
>With waters from a fountain
>Of infinite vitality,
>Immortality and creativity
>Which are remnants
> From a valley
>Still glistens in the hearts,
>Of transcended souls
>Who are highly sensitive
>To the very essence of life
>To a nature that flows,
>Within all entities
>Which some have a greater affinity
>Due to an evolving consciousness
>Of ever expanding depths.

Temporal Tenure
Temporal Tenure
There's been an increase in velocity
The speed at which things occur
It used to be every so often
Now it seems every other day.
The clouds are an indication
As a temporal tenure
A presence that's become frequent
As well as in their duration.
Like a breeze that crosses your face
You feel it dry, sandy, salty or wet
For those with a deeper sense
The effects can touch one's inner chasms.
There are entities at work
On both sides of the pendulum
As this spectrum shift gravitates
To ones of a positive influence.
Those who wish to protect
The antiquated status quo system
Have their own selfish motives at heart
Which will be replaced by an altruistic tempo.
It is written for all to read
This time we're now upon
Will be witnessed
By the aggregate of all life.
Here and beyond the realm of earth
Egalitarianism will replace subordination
Shortsightedness will be eclipsed
By an omniscient vision.
Which has been freed
From an enclosure
Now travelling in the wind
Whose recognition,
Is an enlightening experience
Which means adaptation
Using a greater capacity
Not some stereotypical limitations.
As we comprehend
More fathoms of our consciousness
A permanent peace is instilled
Engrained into the fabric of our beings.

Aura Of The Earth
 Aura Of The Earth
I came into being
Not by accident
But through a predestined tunnel
I chose while still in spiritual form.
It's hard to believe
In those early formative years
Just what I had to endure
Which would either make me or break me.
I resolved to withstand
To strengthen with each outing
As I saw the whole picture
The pre-requisites for attainment.
This karma had some nasty pinches
But there was no avoiding
Though at times I wish I could have
Some thorns were painfully unbearable.
Lessons are there to be learned
This is a life long process
I know there may be more to come
Just in a more subtle manner.
There were a few occasions
The wind could have been lost in my sails
I remember feeling a presence
Providing a shield if you will.
I looked up to the sky asking
Realizing just how close I came
Wondering, but not wandering
Knowing my path had some hidden pitfalls.
At these moments I'd get shivers
Up and down my spine
Pushing me towards
To move beyond that point.
Where my last life ended
To further my own cause
Which was greater than myself
Unselfish in nature.
As I think back
As I look ahead
I see a crimson in the horizon
Returning an essence to the aura of the earth.

Dimensions From All Existences
Dimensions From All Existences
As the sun rose above
Morning glitters glanced their glistenings
Across the surface of my eyes
Inundating my inner flowing stream.
Dew drops saturated
As I awoke from a dream
Only to find light visions more vivid
Than those from the preceding night.
As I began my meditation
Felt myself soaring through a valley
The symbolism was not lost
Synchronicity of the moment was etched,
Like a permanent akashic record
My wing span was expanding
As my circular breathing
Encircled my entire aura.
I was back where I was
I knew not how many revolutions before
But the past was now the present
Meaning I had come full circle.
In an environment
Where sounds and sights were embraced
In an evolving atmosphere
Where creativity filled the air.
In cycles of striking striations
Which endowed my spirit
With an elevating updraft
From a well of sparkling wishes.
So came concise concentrations
To lift my feet off the ground
To change my appearance
But not my character.
I learned a word I had to utter
In the water's reflection
I witnessed my transformation
Into my hawk personna.
The feeling of the earth beneath
Made an hour glass obsolete
For time had itself merged
With the dimensions from all existences.