Atmosphere With Symbols
Outward extraneous forces
From both polarity realms
Are seeping in through pores
Only light particles must attach.
The dark silhouettes
Should fall by the wayside
Be filtered out quietly
Not even acknowledge their existence.
The presence at this moment
Along this sun dial calendar
Is an angle being propitious
As long as we remain.
Aware of our surroundings
Which we abundantly are
As our etchings are being engraved
With amethyst slivers.
Once so implanted
Provides an impenetrable shield
In an atmosphere with symbols
Passing in through the third eye.
Not all is of a nature
That is benevolent
A struggle still ensues
Until the last remnants slip away.
We paint our own picture
It's important to be particular
About the source of our pigments
In which we dip our brush.
We know some are tainted
As they give off a vibration
Almost makes one's toes curl
These ones we let sit in sunlight.
Our auras will not be compromised
We channel through to others
Their afflictions are passed through
Then cleansed by the mother earth.
Not returned into our fields
Which might leave our soil infertile
Stricken with a plight
From the ones we empowered to heal themselves.