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Pray Always
Bartholomew Craig
Therapist, Reiki Master, Third Order Franciscan, Previously owned businesses in Montreat, Calgary and Vancouver. Born Mtl. 1936. Now living in Costa Rica and writing a book of meditations. I share them as I write with a growing list of email spiritual seekers. 
by/par Bartholomew Craig
Published/Publié 07/13/2009
We can't 'earn' Heaven (Spirituality)

Pray Always


Pray always to join with the Holy Spirit in your thinking, speaking and in all your actions.
Like a little child, open your heart to Life's experiences, leaving the details to our Heavenly Father.

What we think of as free will is the choice we are given to choose fear or love.
To be guided by what religions call the Devil and we know of as the ego, or to choose to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

The ego is that part of us we created to give us the illusion of being able to live separated from God, our Source.
Since God is our life, the ego's lie becomes obvious.

The Holy Spirit is that part of us that is in constant communion with ALL THAT IS.

One gives us sickness, aging, despair and death.

The other leads us to Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom.

Please Note: The worthiness to enjoy the happiness of oneness in God is your birthright from God.

You cannot and need not 'earn' what is already yours from all eternity.

It is in the illusory world of the ego that we all experience the three 'temptations' of Jesus. To have power over all, to have material wealth far beyond need and to enjoy physical security. In the lust to have more and more and never have enough, the ego can trap us into addiction, ever promising success 'later' if we only do more and more.

Underlying all this is the feeling that we don't really fit in anywhere.

Yes, we could have great worldly power, be rich as Croesus and enjoy fortress like security and still be miserable.

Jesus said "Put the kingdom of God first and all these things are given to you" Nothing there about 'doing' and everything about 'being'.

We all want 'love' but nothing the world offers; no power, riches or security can, of themselves, bring us love.

It has been said 'happiness is an inside job' and strangely enough, that is where we find God. The good news is it's not 'out there' – you don't have to 'go for it' because you already have it. The Father is First Cause and is our 'cause'

We can choose to live from our 'thinking and experience the never-ending disappointment of the ego's world.

We can live from the heart, being and praying always to be guided by that still, inner voice of the Holy Spirit and be happy now!

It costs everything to 'have'.

It costs nothing to 'be'