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Truth and This Moment
Bartholomew Craig
Therapist, Reiki Master, Third Order Franciscan, Previously owned businesses in Montreat, Calgary and Vancouver. Born Mtl. 1936. Now living in Costa Rica and writing a book of meditations. I share them as I write with a growing list of email spiritual seekers. 
by/par Bartholomew Craig
Published/Publié 07/7/2009
There is no past or future only this moment. And Truth is stand alone.

Truth and This Moment

April 5,2009



Only truth has any meaning. It is stand-alone. It just IS!


If something can be judged as positive or negative or if there can be differing opinions regarding the subject, it is not TRUTH.




April 6, 2009



Is all there is!


This moment has no relationship to the moment before or any future moment.

What this means is that there is no real past and no future.

How can this be?

After all we each have a story that contains early life; the abuses we may have suffered, the joys and triumphs, failures and victories. Lets not forget the shame and guilt and fears that are part of our ‘stories’ as well.

Made in God’s image, (again, who has no body) we are spirit. The body is a projection of the ego, that split off part of our minds which serves to convince us that we are, in our bodies, separate and vulnerable, alone and subject to sickness, suffering and death. For purposes of the projection (movie) that is our life experience, the body is Life arising as our stories. No more real (true), than the projection seen on a movie screen.

We can become immersed in the movie we see in a theatre, feel the emotions and experience the thrill of the hero’s situation but at heart, we know it is not real.

Our real selves experience our stories in the same way. My friend Cindy refers to the body as a ‘rent-a-body which is a good metaphor for what we think of as life.

Think of a vehicle.

It takes you where you want to go; you do the driving, the steering but thinking of the body as real is like thinking your car is you. You are the animator of your body but the body is not you



Made in our Father’s image, we are spirit as He is, with all the attributes of our Parent.

God has no connection with time, past or future; is neither good nor bad, strong nor weak and because He is infinite, we are part of, one with and of God.

That is why, for we, His children, there really is only this moment.

This moment is where God Is and the ego is not.

Welcome to the gates of Heaven.