I was the queen of one last time, those early days now far behind.

To help and nurture, feed and find, to give of self and soul and mind.

Those men I helped to get their wings, was there a thought of anything

I could have done to help them fly, sometimes a thank you, then goodbye.

I’ll live my life as I see fit, might not be yours,

 but then again, we’re all just human, mortal men..


There’s sin in anger and in bliss and I have chosen to reside not

On the darker, but the lighter side.


A mortal man today I know, lost his child so far below

The water of a swimming pool, where children play and adults lounge

Why was there no one else around.?

The answer could be summed as such:

In many ways we have lost touch


With what is right and what is wrong and

It’s just so easy to play along, we turn our heads to chat and hey

A little life is taken away. A little girl of three or four

Who is now knocking on Heaven’s door.


I have chosen the lighter side and really hope it’ll be my guide

I hope it guides these parents too, whose faith and courage will be askew

With illness and or tragedy, sometimes I think you find

The person that you thought you knew was somehow left behind.


My little trials and problems such, now really don't amount to naught. But,

The little angel who left her parents will be always in our prayers and thoughts.



August 21.2009