Father and Son, by Cat Stevens on the radio, made me cry,

Not for me, but for the son you may not have..

"you will be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not."

Struck a chord so deep in my heart.


I'm always filled with wonder and that may be

A good thing or not, but the wonder consumes me

sometimes, wondering about you,

the mysterious man of few, but poignant words.

I tread water carefully these days, not

wanting to be pulled down by the undercurrent

unspoken, words run under the surface

hurtful and deep, perhaps unintended.

It seems you're sailing a different ocean,

a world away and actions another day

apart, and I'm seasick with fear,

that comes with uncharted waters.

But your words of honesty and discontent

I can see and hear and can understand,now

Our life together is so disparate, fragmented

by my time, your time and no time left for us.

I want picnics and sandwiches, laying

on your chest in the park on a blanket.

I want a house for us ,and a life together

and for this buffeting wind to stop..

And I want it with all my heart.