Most of my family life has indeed revolved around the kitchen table. It's been a place not only to eat and drink, but to share and to love, to laugh at times and cry at others. A place where a huge extended family came together from all over the world at times to share an occasion and enjoy each other's company. People of many beliefs, philosophies, nationalities, political parties and colors all graced  her table, and no one was ever turned away.

This is a very small tribute to a very great woman that I miss alot, my grandmother.


I feed people, pets, pigeons
only to find I am more
well fed in return.

Its perhaps an upbringing
of seeing people, with little to eat
themselves, feed others

Without hesitation, there was
always another place at the
table that we all shared

An only child, but never lonely,
from the parade of people
and characters at the table.

And in sharing food, we shared
love and a belief that to
sit and share was to love.

My grandmother taught me well,
not how to cook, but why
and not for whom.

I am filled with her presence
at times when I feel that love
and comfort in her food.

And now that I now cook for others
I am well fed in return.


November 27.2006