There came across my path one day a gentle, handsome man

I didn't know at that time if or when we would connect.

Then illness and my family did their best to intervene

I hoped so much for a cure, and to follow you between.

Beneath the sheets, between our arms, our bodies did connect.

Our two lost souls now finally both quiet and content.


If I could take back any vitriole, whatever things I've said.

I'd tell you that quite frankly, you're the best I've ever had

Our life together has not been easy, nor will it ever be,

I just wish to share it with you, whatever it will be.

There are times I wished to run away, forget about the pain

There are other times I have the hope to try it once again

Our schedules will be miles apart, you of the nighttime hours,

So I will live on my terms and you will live on yours.

I love you for your differences, for the squirrels and the birds,

I love you for the Kasha Cat and how he shapes my world.

My life is so much richer with all of you within.

I am very blessed and thankful that all of you are in.