Isis, he said, was a mystical child and

what drove him to her, is what's driving

me insane.I hurried down the corridor

looking for that exit lane.


The door was barred,so then I turned

 to see him right before my eyes.

Come with me, you long, lost child, I'm

someone who will listen to your cries.


Come with me on this  short ride

and I'll show you the other side.

The side where money and where fame

Will make you want to go back again.


I followed him down that long, dark hall

Compelled, somehow by some great call

To be in the presence of a prophet, who

said what he sang and surely knew of it.


That times are tough and getting worse,

how we should escape this growing curse

of greed for profit, then pass the blame.

It's not the way to clear your name.


In two short nights he said he'd teach

what seemed to me beyond my reach.

And what I learned in such short time

I said I'd always keep in mind.


I'll remember always what he said,

about Isis as a figurehead,

in ancient Egypt deified as wife

and mother to create our life.



We parted ways and then I'd sleep to

wake from thoughts so far and deep.

That what I dreamt, or so it seemed

I know that I will be redeemed


Debra 07.15.2007