Once I wished upon a star, then

prayed to God from here and far

to send an angel. And when he did

I cried out, being so surprised,

perhaps the word is mesmerized.


To care for me while I cared for others,

be they sisters, Mothers, brothers

My shoulders felt too weak and narrow

to carry what I needed to follow.

The trial of a mothers' pain inspires

you to get up again, At 5 or 7, 3 or 6,

This pain became my family's mix.

And in this mix he did arrive,

To be there with me, by my side

Those nights I cried or held back tears

He held me close, relieved my fears

when I thought it was her time to bide.

The person I became of obligation and duty

had totally obscured in me all the beauty

That he taught me along the way, regardless

of what I had to say.That our paths

have changed in place, I'd like to

remain in his good grace, The Grace that

brought him to me first, will never

quench my rekindled thirst, for truth

And knowledge foremost, when we forgive

ouselves from whatever sin, the sin of thinking

that We know, and that it will absolve us so

It's only for him to know..

I no longer know anything, that I believe, so now

I wish to find my place, and thank the Lord my life

he graced with his presence and his soul and

Within that place that I become whole.