My faith was always there in him,  the
tortured artist of.our souls.
I loved him then, I'd love him still.
The stillness in his life right now
to gain his soul, and life to hold.

That week I wished the God would take, my soul
before my soul would wake, I wished
He'd take me in the night
and so deliver me from this plight.

My faith has now been shaken
in the dark and fitful night.
That love bestowed upon me
now taken from above.

My footsteps wandered aimlessly
at first ,then stood to fight..
For what I truly want and who I
really need, to be embraced again
by his knowledge and his light.

Enlighten me so that I can
with only him to understand.
Enlighten me so that I may
rise to bravely face the day.
Enlighten me so that I should
Remember I did all I could.