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Be Still
Bartholomew Craig
Therapist, Reiki Master, Third Order Franciscan, Previously owned businesses in Montreat, Calgary and Vancouver. Born Mtl. 1936. Now living in Costa Rica and writing a book of meditations. I share them as I write with a growing list of email spiritual seekers. 
by/par Bartholomew Craig
Published/Publié 06/30/2009
About stopping the busyness of the mind and listening to your higher Self

Be Still

"Be my channel and listen to My still small voice within.
As you obey My voice, you will know exactly what to do,
Where to go. How to do what has to be done.
In peace and stillness, be aware of my divine presence
And know that I am in the midst of you".

Eileen Caddy, Findhorn Retreat Center, Northern Scotland
From her booklet The Living Word


Know that the perfect life of the Holy Spirit is your life.

Allow that life expression in your daily living.

First be still and listen inwardly for direction. Have the intention that it is for the voice of your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit that you listen.

When you hear with surety, your direction, act/speak immediately before the ego can decide, weigh and measure your response so as to give you some supposed advantage in the situation. "Except you be as little children"

The Holy Spirit is about clarity. The ego is about fear and confusion.

Relax and invite God to be in charge. It is not that you have to do or be something special. Rather it is letting go of doing or being anything 'special'. What it amounts to is accepting and acting on God's knowing rather than your own thinking.

Note that when the Holy Spirit's direction comes to you, it is from your heart.

Avoid confusion by realizing that from the neck up all is ego. The CIM states quite clearly; "All thinking is meaningless"

As we practice letting go and letting God, we gradually have less and less worry, (fear), anxiety, (fear), need to defend, (fear). Less fear of any kind.

We begin to know peace.

Realize that God cannot give you poor direction. As we are one in and of God, it would be like God deliberately sabotaging Himself.

With practice we eventually enjoy that happy state of knowing nothing and having everything worth valuing – Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom, our birthright.

A bonus: As we continue to grow in this way of Love, all who come into our lives are blessed equally.