Farewell Mr. Gainey
(Inspired by Dylan's 'Farewell Angelina')

Farewell Mr. Gainey
The Bell Centre crowd
Has been riled up by pundits
You must get out of town
The city still tingles
With memories of yore
But farewell Mr. Gainey
The team is in shambles
And you must go

There is no use in talking
And there's no need for blame
After 5 years of trying
The team is still the same
The rafters stand ready
But they're stuck on 24
So farewell Mr. Gainey
The team is changing colors
And you must go

The Streits and the Sourays
The centenial gambles you lost
Hedging your bets on youth
But not supporting the cause
And in the place where the Rocket
And the Flower did soar
Farewell Mr. Gainey
Those heroes have long faded
And you must go

See the media hoard scramble
They sit perched in the stands
Weighing down decisions
Like only they truly can
And the ex-coaches and hangers-on
Clap and cheer cause they know
Farewell Mr. Gainey
The time is approaching
And you must go

In the faces of the angels
We called the names you know
In your time of personal anguish
We laid flowers at your door
So we truly thank you for your service
And in the glory you restored
But Farewell Mr. Gainey
Its time for good-bye now
And you must go...