Recently featured on Canal Vie's 'Ma maison... signée Manon LeBlanc', Mario Brunet of AQUA STYLE DESIGN highlited the manufacturing process of custom aquariums, waterwalls, bubble walls and aviaries.

Located at 6250 Jean Talon Ouest, AQUA STYLE DESIGN, has been manufacturing custom designed aquariums for going on over 20 years now. Some of their clientele includes McDonalds restaurant chain, Hyett Hotels and even emirs in Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to custom aquariums, Aqua Style Design is the industry leader -  If you can imagine it they can build it.

Any shape, any size, any style, anywhere. Their team of designers will consult with your architect, interior designer or builder.

They can assist you with reading your blueprints and auto-cad drawings and advise you. If requested, they can do all the necessary design work. They will travel all over the world to help make your aquarium dreams come true. 

To view some wonderful examples of custom aquariums, waterwalls, bubblewalls, aviaries from Aqua Style Design please click here.