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Club Price: The Future is Now

After a meteoric rise through the amateur ranks, Carey Price has finally arrived in Montreal bringing with him high expectations, unquestionable talent and some much-needed hope for the city of Montreal...

Gerry Snyder - The Godfather of The Expos

Montreal city councillor for over 25 years, Gerry Snyder was Jean Dapeau's right-hand man in the 60's and was the instrumental force that brought the Montreal Expos, the 1976 Summer Olympics and Formula One Grand Prix to Montreal...

Hockey Hooliganism: When Fans Run Amok

"This can't just be about hockey. It has to be symbolic of something else. There has to be some other source, some other feeling of dissatisfaction that can't be expressed in an everyday way. It's a form of dissent."

How a Habs Playoff Win Became Montreals Loss

Montrealers' pride at the Habs' first-round playoff win Monday was marred by a postgame riot that degenerated into looting, setting cruisers on fire and recriminations over whether police were caught off guard.

The Habs Online - Montreal Canadiens LIVE Video Streaming Links

No cable? No satellite dish? No problem!
The heads-up on LIVE video streaming links of all Montreal Canadiens games...

Team 990 - Happy 10 yr birthday!

Mitch Melnick, Montreal sports-talk icon, relates his experiences working at Team 990 radio for the last 10 years...

Poker in Montreal

Party Poker Montreal
Playing Poker in Montreal can be a pretty lucrative endeavor... We'll run down all the options for you in this article...

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