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Montreal Custom Aquariums - AQUA STYLE DESIGN

AQUA STYLE DESIGNMontreal custom aquarium manufacturer AQUA STYLE DESIGN delivers increadible dynamic aquariums & water walls to fit any business, home, appartment, or any budget.

Leonard Cohen's Long-Awaited Homecoming

Performing in Montreal for the first time in 15 years (1993), Leonard Cohen dug deep into his catalogue of masterpieces and delivered a memorable evening for all...

Yeah, he's 65, but Dylan's got some life in him yet

In his four visits over the past half-dozen years, Bob Dylan has established a few things: late-career Dylan is as capricious as he ever was, prone to growling, turning familiar songs inside out, and laughing all the way - on the inside, at least...

Leonard Cohen Interview on CBC

The poet and singer/songwriter speaks about his distinguished career with the host of CBC Radio's "Q", Jian Ghomeshi, from his home in Montreal...

Book Review of Jack Todd's 'Sun Going Down'

Part history, part romance, and part action-adventure novel, Sun Going Down follows the fortunes of Ebenezer Paint and his descendants— rough and tough individuals who are caught up in Civil War river battles, epic cattle drives through drought and blizzards, the horrors of Wounded Knee, the desperation of the dust bowl, and the prosperity of the roaring 1920s.

Debra Lee Cathcart offers her unique review...

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