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Ma fugue prend fin sur ses quelques sauts. Les présages de ma jeunesse sont marqués par ce salut caressant la sauvagerie....

L'agonie d'un coeur de pierre

L'agonie d'un coeur de pierre...

Scenes from the Republique: selected poems by BobbyZ

Collection of thoughts, poems and songs written between (2001-2005) at Cafe Republique...

Emile Nelligan

Naissance d'Émile Nelligan à Montréal, le 24 décembre1879, au 602, rue Lagauchetière. Il est le premier enfant de David Nelligan, employé aux postes, et de Émilie Amanda Hudon. Il aura deux soeurs: Béatrice Éva, née le 28 octobre 1881 et Gertrude Fréda, née le23 août 1883.

Hommage A Francis Cabrel

Having attended a bullfight in my youth with my parents in Spain, I was extremely upset by what these people called "sport". Francis Cabrel's La Corrida inspired me to write this...

TO SUMMON ANGELS the metaphysical

To Summon AngelsMichaela Sefler, an esoteric poet from Montreal has just released her 7th compilation entltled "TO SUMMON ANGELS the metaphysical"...

In this compilation, Michaela attempts to merge feelings and hopes with spirituality of the ages. Inspired by ancient esoteric knowledge, she highlights various aspects in our spiritual reality, inspiring us to believe and reach a higher consciousness.

Farewell Mr. Gainey

Inspired by Bob Dylan's 'Farewell Angelina', this poem is my own personal good-bye to the Canadiens GM.
Hopefully, he gets the message...

In Debra's Kitchen - Selected Poems by Debra Lee Cathcart

Most of my family life has indeed revolved around the kitchen table. It's been a place not only to eat and drink, but to share and to love, to laugh at times and cry at others.

Behind Naked Eyes

A selection of poems by Alex Chornyj that speak about the truth that has been withheld within our real origins as energy beings...

Conquering the Alphabet

One man's quest to take Excalibur from its stone. A: ladder B: lure/repulsion. Relationship within field. C: subjective view/incomplete D: malformed cycle E: measure F: immeasurable at base G: counterclockwise momentum. effort. H: connected as equal/side to side I: connected (connection) from above to below/as inequal J: post-term modification. :reaches back" and touches the timeline. K: Strike. ALL DEFINITIONS. L: Profit.

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