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The Alberta Oil Sands: Canadian Prosperity - Global Nightmare

The Alberta Oil Sands (Saudi Arabia of the North) as it is proudly refered to in the oil industry has proven to be a financial boon to the Canadian economy...
It has also proven to be an environmental nightmare...

Ottawa emploie des mercenaires en Afghanistan

Le Canada a dépensé plusieurs millions de dollars l'an dernier pour utiliser les services de firmes de sécurité privées à travers le monde, dont certaines sont très controversées...

Osama Bin Laden est mort depuis plusieurs années — Merci Benazir Bhutto!

Saviez-vous qu’il n’est même pas recherché pour les attentats du 9/11 selon le site du FBI ? La raison est que selon le FBI on a pas assez de preuve pour le lier définitivement aux attaques !!!! Saviez-vous aussi que depuis le 9/11 le gouvernement américain n’a pas fourni aucune preuve l’inculpant ?

Wal-Mart Closes Auto Shop 2 Months After 6 Employees Win The Right To Unionize!

WalmartWal-Mart Canada closed an auto center in one of its stores in Gatineau, Quebec, two months after employees won the right to unionize the tiny operation.

The Dirty Dozen:the bankers and brokers responsible for the financial crisis

Rolling Stone Magazine's article "Dirty Dozen: Meet the bankers and brokers responsible for the financial crisis - and the officials who let them get away with it" reveals the individuals who are mostly responsible for America's fnancal crisis...

Top 20 Underreported Stories for 2009

Project Censored has released their latest 'censored stories' list. From the secrecy surrounding 'Presidential Executive Orders' to record setting 'Marijuana Arrests', this list is bound to get you thinking...

WIKILEAKS - 1,800 Cables relating to Canada released

On Apr 28, 2011 WIKILEAKS (the famed whistle-blowing website) released a series of new diplomatic cables aimed directly at Canada. So what do these cables reveal if anything?...
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